Ontario Farmland Value and Rental Value Survey

University of Guelph ~ OAC ~ Dept. FARE

 Annual Survey Reports 

 2018 Report

 2017 Report

 2016 Report

 2019 Report

 2020 Report

 Aggregated Survey Reports - 2016-2020 

 Public Data Repository 

 Summary survey data for all survey years can be accessed through our public data repository at the University of Guelph library:


The repository currently houses all annual reports, and a spreadsheet (.csv file) containing regional median rents, median prices, and rent/price ratios for each survey year. The repository will continue to be updated with future data products, reports and other documents produced from the survey.  

 Interactive Maps 

 Click on the image below to view interactive heat maps of survey data from 2016, 2017 and 2018. 

Ontario Farmland Value and Rental Value Survey Heatmaps - Median Cash Rent, Median Price and Rent/Price Ratio

 Image source: 2018 Farmland Value and Rental Value Survey